Compressor Engineering Group Inc. offers a wide range of quality Air Compressors ranging from 3 cfm to 2000 cfm. We also supply high quality filtration, separation and purification products for a wide range of industries and applications. Whatever your application we can help.


Air Compressors

Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Lubricated & Oil-Free

Rotary Screw Air Compressors – Lubricated

Compressor Engineering Group is proud to represent Atlas Copco for rotary screw air compressors. Atlas Copco manufactures world renowned, high quality, oil-flooded rotary screw compressor packages for a wide range of applications. Stationary units range from the small GX2 3 HP compressor all the way up to the 350 hp GA315 compressor.

All units are available (except for the GX Series) with the advanced features of the Elektronikon Regulator control module. This module provides a precise way to monitor and control all of the functions of the compressor, as well as, allowing for system expansion by providing a method of linking multiple compressors to be operated as a synchronized unit. Other available options include remote monitoring systems, heat recovery and integrated refrigerated air drying systems.

All Atlas Copco compressor packages are designed to provide optimum efficiency, ease of use and reduced maintenance. Superior sound enclosures ensure extremely low noise during operation while still allowing easy access to all of the critical areas of the compressor. Built using only the highest quality components and manufactured to ISO 9001 Requirements as well as ISO 14001 environmental requirements, the entire line of Atlas Copco compressors will provide years of trouble free operation.

VSD (Variable Speed Drive) TECHNOLOGY:

Atlas Copco pioneered the GA Variable Speed Drive compressors, offering the capability to perfectly match compressor capacity to air demand. A GA VSD compressor is able to follow the fluctuating demand by varying the speed of its drive motor. As air demand goes down, the GA VSD lowers the compressors. They reduce the energy consumption to a minimum by avoiding completely unloaded power consumption and save up to 22% on the total life cycle cost.

Atlas Copco designed the GA VSD range according to the “WorkPlace Air SystemTM” concept, offering the possibility to move the compressor out of the conventional compressor room to the point of use. This concept has been made possible thanks to the extremely low noise levels and the integration of the optional ancillaries such as air and condensate treatment.

The Variable Speed Technology is also available on the Oil-Free Z Series compressors.

Rotary Tooth Air Compressors – Oil-Free

Atlas Copco Oil-Free Z Series air compressors are a result of over 40 years of oil-free compressor experience. The ZT/ZR compressors are designed as fully integrated and compact, silenced packages with drive motor, coolers, moisture drains, and filtration along with the Elektronikon controller to ensure optimum efficiency and reliability. Full Feature versions are available with integrated refrigeration air dryer.
Capacities range from 80 to 268cfm. For 100% oil-free compressed air, contact CEG to discuss your application.

Scroll Air Compressor- Oil-Free

Atlas Copco Oil-Free SF Series scroll compressors are an innovative and economical alternative to satisfy your oil-free application. The SF units are capable of 5 to 52cfm flows and are optionally available with an integral refrigeration air dryer and/or epoxy-coated, air receiver mounting. SF units are extremely quiet and require minimal maintenance due to simplicity of design.

Reciprocating Compressors, Lubricated & Oil-Free

Atlas Copco L Series Reciprocating Compressors

CEG offers Atlas Copco reciprocating oil-free and lubricated compressor products in the 2 to 20 horsepower range. The L Series compressors are continuous duty design with diecast aluminum crankcase and finned cylinder heads. With nickel plated cylinders, teflon coated aluminum pistons and stainless steel valves, the oil-free units are designed for continuous duty with low maintenance. The L series is available in bare block, V-belt or direct drive, base or tank mounted arrangements.

LE/LN oil-free and lubricated


Atlas Copco Cast Iron Series Compressors

Solid construction, robust design and years of trouble-free field experience set these Heavy Duty Industrial compressors apart from the rest. Don’t be fooled by low cost off-shore and light duty equipment. If you have demanding needs for single or two-stage compressors, contact CEG. Whether you require an industrial grade stationary or portable compressor, we have the best products available for a long-term compressed air solution.

LS splash lubricated
LP pressure lubricated

Models include 2 – 15HP Electric, 8-13HP Gas Driven

Few products on the market can match the reliability, performance and quality of Atlas Copco reciprocating compressors.

Portable Diesel Compressors

Portable Diesel Compressors

CEG supplies a complete range of portable air compressors from Atlas Copco. Offering exceptional reliability and efficiency, these versatile units are designed to operate in a wide range of applications. Their modular build is the result of Atlas Copco’s constant effort to come up with innovative solutions to meet individual customer needs. Our units are come equipped with built in aftercoolers and moisture separators as standard. Call us with your application.

All compressors are manufactured in accordance with Atlas Copco’s Quality and Environment Management System. This system complies fully with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. All Atlas Copco compressors are tested to perform under the most demanding conditions


High volume, low pressure applications are usually best supplied by rotary lobe blowers instead of conventional air compressors. Call or email us your application.

Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco offers a full line of vacuum pumps in rotary vane and rotary screw configurations.  Call or email us your application.

Compressed Air Filtration & Purification

Air Dryers – Desiccant

Desiccant Air Dryers

Atlas Copco CD Series heatless adsorption dryers consist of two drying towers filled with desiccant. One tower is in drying mode while the other is being regenerated by a small amount of the dried air. The CD range covers pressure dew points from -20°C to -40°C (optionally -70°C). The dryers are available in flows ranging from 4 to 2,226 CFM and higher.

CD 2 – CD 60 range (4 – 127cfm)

pre-filter, shipped loose, and after filter built into desiccant cartridge
Control panel displays power status, purge cycle tower status and service indicators

CD 80 – CD 300 range (170 – 635cfm)

pre filters and after filter mounted on dryer frame
optional electronic control panel with energy saving purge control

CD 390 – CD 1050 range (827 – 2226cfm)

pre and after filters shipped loose
optional electronic control panel with energy saving purge control

Air Dryers – Refrigerated

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Atlas Copco FX and FD Series of refrigerated air dryers are available in flow capacities to match your compressor installation and your application. These dryers are available as free standing units or can be incorporated into the cabinet of your GA, GX, SF or Z Series compressor.

FX 1 – FX 16 (13 – 636cfm)

The FX range of refrigerant dryers offer a reliable, cost effective and simple solution to improve your compressed air quality.

FD 5 – FD 4000VSD (13 – 8476cfm)

The FD range of refrigerant dryers offer low pressure drop and high efficiency heat exchangers and fan motors. Larger FD units are available with options such as water-cooling and VSD driven refrigerant compressors.

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters

CEG offers compressed air filters from Atlas Copco that will remove the oil, water and dirt particles to eliminate the abrasive sludge in your compressed air. Atlas Copco filters are available in threaded & flanged body styles depending upon flow requirements. Four grades of filtration are available with flow capacities from 19-6675 cfm:

DDp Range – particulate filter removing particles down to 1 micron

DD Range – coalescing filter removing liquid water and oil aerosol down to 0.1ppm and particles down to 1 micron

PD Range – high efficiency coalescing filter removing liquid water and oil aerosol down to 0.01ppm and particles down to 0.01 micron

QD Range – activated carbon filter removing oil vapour and hydrocarbon odours down to 0.003ppm

Breathing Air Purification

Breathing Air Purifiers

Respiratory protection from airborne contamination is essential for the health and comfort of workers. Purification to international breathing air standards enables workers to operate in hazardous working environments.

We offer a full range of breathing air purifiers for single or multi-person use, in shot blasting,spray painting and many other industrial applications.

Condensate Handling

Condensate Separators

Atlas Copco OSC Series Condensate Separators

Discharging oil contaminated condensate from compressed air systems is not only harmful to the environment it is probably illegal.

Efficient on-site disposal of compressed air condensate with an oil/water separator is essential. After the oily condensate has been efficiently removed from the compressed air system it cannot be discharged directly to the sanitary sewer without the oil content being reduced to within legal disposal limits.

Oil/water separators are installed as part of the compressed air system and simply reduce the oil concentration in the collected condensate. By reducing the oil concentration in water to a permitted level, this allows the larger volume of clean water, up to 99.9% of the total condensate, to be discharged safely into the sanitary sewer. This leaves the relatively small amount of concentrated oil to be disposed of legitimately and economically.

Condensate Drains

Atlas Copco EWD Series Condensate Drains

Electronic level sensing drains detect and discharge only when condensate is present. Intelligent operation always ensures no unnecessary loss of valuable compressed air.

The range of simple reliable drains has no mechanical sensor parts. Capacitive sensing works with all types of compressed air condensate, including 100% oil, 100% water or any level of emulsification. EWD Series condensate drains will even work with aggressive oil-free condensates because they are internally and externally corrosion protected. Operation is completely automatic and no adjustment for presssure is required.

Specialty Products – Intermediate Controllers, Boosters, Nitrogen Generators

CEG application experts can design your system to operate in the most efficient manner by proper selection of specialized products to meet your needs. Call us to discuss your requirements. Contact

Process Cooling Systems

CEG designs process cooling systems for all types of water-cooled equipment and heat loads. The closed circuit cooler eliminates costly city water or cooling towers. In many cases the payback will be less than 1 year. In some cases, heavily taxed cooling towers or chillers can provide additional capacity for other equipment when the compressor(s) or other major heat load is moved to a closed circuit cooler. There are numerous benefits to be achieved over and above the return on investment (ROI). These include reduced maintenance (i.e. cleaning coolers, adding chemicals to the tower), no chemical costs, no make-up water requirements, and added heat recovery options.

Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers

We custom create each closed circuit cooling package to meet all user requirements. Whether you have special cooling or heat recovery needs, let CEG’s design and creation experience work for you. We also manufacture custom point of use portable fluid coolers for low heat load applications. Contact our sales integrator to discuss your specific application or request additional information through our ON-LINE INFORMATION REQUEST FORM.

STRONGWELL Fiberglass Building Solutions

CEG has recently been awarded the Ontario distributorship for STRONGWELL products.  STRONGWELL is the world’s largest pultrusion company and the recognized leader in the pultrusion industry.  STRONGWELL has been putruding fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite products since 1956.  Please visit the STRONGWELL website for more information: