Coni-Marble Manufacturing Inc. specializes in commercial and residential bathroom fixtures and countertop solutions. Their production facility relies heavily on compressed air within their manufacturing process. When Coni-Marble needed to increase their efficiency, cut their production costs and reduce downtime they realized that their current compressed air system was experiencing significant pressure drops, inconsistent performance and they did not have a backup machine, in the event of device failure. These compounding issues were creating unnecessary and expensive inefficiencies in production.


By installing a new variable speed drive air compressor, Coni-Marble was able to lower their hydro consumption from 365 to 285 kwh per month with the Atlas Copco GA18VSD+FF energy efficient air compressor.

Compressor Engineering Group is known for our innovative spirit. We are constantly driven to provide high quality, state-of-the-art products, which improve our customers’ efficiencies from purchase to commissioning.

In addition to providing a seamless transition and minimizing potential downtime within Coni-Marble production facility, they were able to secure a $2500 rebate through the SaveOnEnergy program saving Coni-Marble both time and money.