All Purestream Chillers are factory tested in Europe and in Canada prior to shipping.

Purestream chiller series


The multi compressor configuration allows the chiller to:

  • adapt to the load required at any time by automatically starting the correct number of compressors for the load.
  • provides a lower start up current in-rush and increases the average life of the compressors.
  • operates more efficiently during partial loads: the chiller is generally sized for the maximum output required, but this condition rarely occurs and only for limited periods; during split operations (that is only a part of the compressors working) chiller efficiency (EER) can increase by over 35% compared to full power; this means that at an expense of 1 electric kW, you have – for example – 1.14 Tons chilling instead of 0.85 tons and considerable energy cost savings.


All frame and cabinet material is made from galvanized steel that is then powder coated making the chiller suitable for outdoor installation and for protection in harsh environments. All fasteners are either stainless steel or electro-galvanized. The Chiller was designed so that all parts, particularly those requiring maintenance and cleaning are easy to access without interfering with chiller operations or creating a safety hazard for the operator. The compressor cabinet is accessible on three sides in order to allow for easy maintenance. It is also separate from the fan cabinet and allows maintenance staff to work on the chiller while it is still operating. The hydraulic section is also easily accessible.



  • thermally insulated storage tank in carbon steel
  • thermally insulated electric pump
  • water bypass (prevents problems linked to the shut-off valves being closed by mistake)
  • expansion vessel
  • safety valve
  • automatic vent valve
  • level sensor
  • differential water gauge
  • ball shut-off taps
  • inlet water filter
  • gauge
  • draining tap