CEG designs process cooling systems for all types of water-cooled equipment and heat loads. The closed circuit cooler eliminates costly city water or cooling towers.

In many cases the payback will be less than 1 year. In some cases, heavily taxed cooling towers or chillers can provide additional capacity for other equipment when the compressor(s) or other major heat load is moved to a closed circuit cooler.

There are numerous benefits to be achieved over and above the return on investment (ROI). These include reduced maintenance (i.e. cleaning coolers, adding chemicals to the tower), no chemical costs, no make-up water requirements, and added heat recovery options.

Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers

We custom create each closed circuit cooling package to meet all user requirements. Whether you have special cooling or heat recovery needs, let CEG’s design and creation experience work for you.

We also manufacture custom point of use portable fluid coolers for low heat load applications. Contact our sales integrator to discuss your specific application or request additional information through our ON-LINE INFORMATION REQUEST FORM.