Compressor Engineering’s consulting services range from providing answers to technical questions to in depth studies for specific applications. Call us with your requirement and let us provide the answers.

Compressed Air Surveys

Our compressed air survey will provide you with a complete listing of your existing compressed air equipment and piping system and make recommendations for improvements.

Compressed Air Audits

The compressed air audit takes the survey to the next step. Our audit will include a full depth evaluation of the entire compressed air system including all equipment, the piping system and how the air is being used. The audit will conclude with recommendations to maximize the performance and efficiency of the existing system.

Compressed Air Systems Design

Compressor Engineering has the in-house capabilities to design a system for you. Whether it’s a single compressor installation or a complex multiple equipment package, we can design a complete turnkey system. We also design plant piping grids, vacuum pump and blower systems. Our specialty is custom designed applications.