Condensate Separators

Atlas Copco OSC Series Condensate Separators

Discharging oil contaminated condensate from compressed air systems is not only harmful to the environment it is probably illegal.

Efficient on-site disposal of compressed air condensate with an oil/water separator is essential.

After the oily condensate has been efficiently removed from the compressed air system it cannot be discharged directly to the sanitary sewer without the oil content being reduced to within legal disposal limits.

Oil/water separators are installed as part of the compressed air system and simply reduce the oil concentration in the collected condensate.

By reducing the oil concentration in water to a permitted level, this allows the larger volume of clean water, up to 99.9% of the total condensate, to be discharged safely into the sanitary sewer.

This leaves the relatively small amount of concentrated oil to be disposed of legitimately and economically.

Condensate Drains

Atlas Copco EWD Series Condensate Drains

Electronic level sensing drains detect and discharge only when condensate is present. Intelligent operation always ensures no unnecessary loss of valuable compressed air.

The range of simple reliable drains has no mechanical sensor parts. Capacitive sensing works with all types of compressed air condensate, including 100% oil, 100% water or any level of emulsification.

EWD Series condensate drains will even work with aggressive oil-free condensates because they are internally and externally corrosion protected. Operation is completely automatic and no adjustment for pressure is required.