On-site industrial gas generators are a proven tool that will save your business time and money and improve overall efficiency. Compressor Engineering’s full line of nitrogen gas generators utilizes atmospheric air and air compression technology to separate nitrogen and oxygen from the air.

Applications and Industries

Compressed gases have a wide variety of applications such as drying, purging, flushing, and inerting across a range of different industries including power generation, food preparation and packaging, biotechnology and agriculture, and the automotive industry. If you use nitrogen in your business processes, it makes sense to produce your own on-site.

Our range of membrane and PSA generators can be quickly and easily installed on-site by our team of service specialists.

Our experts take the worry and hassle out of the installation process by providing expert-level training to give you peace of mind.

Of course, you can always rely on Compressor Engineering to provide any sales and service assistance you might need before, during, and after installation.

Your Industrial Gas Generator Is A Cost Saving Investment

We are proud to offer competitive pricing on our generators with most clients seeing a rapid return on their investment. By installing your own generator, you won’t have to worry about the associated costs of using a third-party provider.

You will start cutting out unnecessary expenses on nitrogen rental fees, transportation costs, and not to mention additional labour costs. You start saving as soon as the generator is installed – guaranteed.

Our industrial gas generators are fully backed by our own personal guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind to know that you have bought with confidence and made a smart investment into your business.

If you do require service, our service team will come out to your site and do the repairs on the spot with expert efficiency.

There are no long waits for service because we treat your company’s downtime like our own down time and we understand that time is money. We are also happy to offer annual maintenance packages customized to suit your schedule and company’s needs.

Wouldn’t it be great to save yourself time and money? Wouldn’t it be great to work better and faster while improving your company’s bottom line?

Contact one of our sales team to learn more about how an industrial gas generator can start saving your business time and money right now.