Compressor Engineering offers air compressors and air compressor services for food & beverage production clients across Southwest Ontario. Our clients have trusted us for the highest quality industrial solutions for over 30 years with industry-leading Atlas Copco equipment.

Air Compressors and Air Compressor Service for Food & Beverage Production

Air compressors are used throughout the food & beverage product industry, from food packaging to food filing, air knives, nitrogen generation and food mixing. We provide equipment, service and repairs for air compressors in these applications and more.

Food & beverage production companies have to be particularly careful when it comes to the cleanliness of equipment and removing the possibility for contaminants. Micro-organisms in dirt, water and oil vapour can cause problems in your food manufacturing processes. This means that your compressed air needs to be clean and dry and that you need to make sure your equipment meets rigorous food & beverage standards.

A safe air compressor will help to avoid recalls, protect your customers and save you money in the short term and long term.

Selecting a Food & Beverage Production Air Compressor

With the unique requirements for the food & beverage production industry, not every air compressor will be the best choice for your individual needs. To avoid contaminants, oil-free air compressors are recommended in the food industry.

We carry the following types of air compressors as well as custom compressed air packages:

How To Select An Air Compressor For Your Fo & Beverage Production Application.

  • Efficiency: Selecting energy efficient air compressors will help you save on hydro costs and reduce your overall investment in the long run.Quality & Warranty: Compressor Engineering Group Inc. is a Platinum level Authorized Distributor for industry-leading Atlas Copco equipment.Maintenance and Service: Always consider the maintenance costs of maintaining your air compressor equipment. Air compressor downtime can cost you thousands of dollars, and a regular maintenance schedule will keep your equipment in perfect condition.

    Compressor Engineering offers reliable rental equipment and 24 hour emergency service should you ever need it.

    Experience: When you work with a highly experienced air compressor partner, you get decades of experience in air compressor service, engineering, systems design and compressed air audits.

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