Desiccant Air Dryers

Atlas Copco CD Series heatless adsorption dryers consist of two drying towers filled with desiccant. One tower is in drying mode while the other is being regenerated by a small amount of the dried air. The CD range covers pressure dew points from -20°C to -40°C (optionally -70°C). The dryers are available in flows ranging from 4 to 2,226 CFM and higher.

CD 2 – CD 60 range (4 – 127cfm)

pre-filter, shipped loose, and after filter built into desiccant cartridge
Control panel displays power status, purge cycle tower status and service indicators


CD 80 – CD 300 range (170 – 635cfm)

pre filters and after filter mounted on dryer frame
optional electronic control panel with energy saving purge control


CD 390 – CD 1050 range (827 – 2226cfm)

pre and after filters shipped loose
optional electronic control panel with energy saving purge control

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Atlas Copco FX and FD Series of refrigerated air dryers are available in flow capacities to match your compressor installation and your application. These dryers are available as free standing units or can be incorporated into the cabinet of your GA, GX, SF or Z Series compressor.


FX5 – FX300 (13 – 636cfm)

The FX range of refrigerant dryers offer a reliable, cost effective and simple solution to improve your compressed air quality.


FD 5 – FD 4000VSD (13 – 8476cfm)

The FD range of refrigerant dryers offer low pressure drop and high efficiency heat exchangers and fan motors. Larger FD units are available with options such as water-cooling and VSD driven refrigerant compressors.