Save on Energy with a Quality Air Compressor

Today’s industries are highly competitive and there is an increasing demand to find ways to remain efficient and economical. When you have project deadlines looming and/or machines breaking down, what you need most is a reliable, high-performing air compressor to push you ahead.

A quality air compressor will help to automate and streamline production so that you can concentrate on what’s important—saving your company energy, money and time.

A quality air compressor such as Atlas Copco’s GA 7-160VSD+ promises to reduce your energy consumption by 50% on average, while operating with utmost efficiency offering improved performance overall.

This machine includes technology that allows the motor to automatically adjust to match the compressed air supply to that which is being demanded. Along with the iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor, is what allows for the 50% average energy savings and a decreased lifecycle cost at an average of 37%.

When you choose high-quality machines and maintain them, you’re cleverly investing in your company’s future and safety.

Making sure your air compressor is properly maintained is another key way to save on energy. We have factory trained technicians who are ready to help repair or maintain your equipment 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Having an energy analysis done on your air compressor will help inform you of how your equipment is operating and what we can do to have it running at its best. Be it stationary or a portable air compressor, we service them all and have parts for virtually any brand.

We at Compressor Engineering Group are committed to saving you energy, money and time when it comes to your compressed air equipment.