Compressor Engineering Group Inc. is a Platinum level Authorized Distributor for Atlas Copco equipment.

Atlas Copco offers oil-free or oil-injected compressors, high-pressure compressors or low-pressure blowers, boosters and gas generators. Quality air solutions are also available, including dryers, coolers, filters, electric drains and oil-water separators.

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    With Howson Mills being a food plant. clean dry compressed air is vital to our operation. While experiencing a few "issues" with our compressor supplier. I reached out to business colleagues within the Milling industry. Overwhelming I was told to use Compressor Engineering. After initial contact was made. Compressor Engineering had a rental unit in place and running within a few hours for us. Needless to say their service is second to none and we are very pleased with the business relationship we have a developed over the last few years.

    Mike McDonaldMill Superintendent, Howson Mills Ltd

    I have dealt with CEG and their service team for over 12 years.
    The experiences with this company has been very positive. On emergency service they are always very prompt. They understand we need to run and have the same sense of urgency we do. Their service is very good. The service techs are very good to teach us what we can do to maintain things better. They are personable and have excellent customer service skills.
    CEG is a good service provider. We are very happy with our relationship with them.

    Doug CorriveaMasterfeeds

    We have used CEG for the 10 years that I have worked here. CEG has helped us out many times with faults on our machines, we call them up and if we feel it's urgent matter that could damage our machine, we ask CEG to help us right away. They always drop what they are doing (within reason) and make a trip to our site to investigate the issue at hand. CEG does monthly scheduled PM service for us to maintain the machines for air intake cleanliness, machine operation, any warning signals that arise for maintenance tasks and a general once over to detect any abnormalities. CEG is always very eager to suggest better ways for us to utilize the compressors, air intake, etc. to get the most efficient life out of our machines. Air compressors are a critical component to keep a plant like this running and we rely on CEG to help us with our needs and their knowledge and expertise of the compressed air equipment.
    We have always had good results with the CEG company.

    Al RoscoeHyundai L&C Canada

    The people at CEG are top notch and very quick to respond and the 2 new compressors that we purchased are a perfect fir for our 2 plants. I couldn't have asked for any better service or product. I have had other service company's in the past; CEG far surpasses any of them.

    William CouillardBrant InStore

    I worked with compressor engineering for around 4 years now and it has been a great experience. You guys are very knowledgeable, productive and helpful. I would recommend your company for anyone looking to have their compressed air system looked after or worked on!

    Kal ZourobCatalent