With telecommunication demands rising as technology breaks new barriers, so too increases the call for more cell towers and equipment to support it.

Further challenges are also presenting themselves as many municipalities throughout North America are opting for cell tower technology that keeps pace with current wireless demands, but is also part of the urban landscape and not an intrusive presence in modern day life.

We are thrilled to offer a complete range of cell tower concealment products and maintenance services available to you through our partnership.

A Better Solution to Metal: Fibre-Reinforced Polymer

Standard metal cell tower concealment materials are often viewed as an eyesore to residents. Furthermore, metal can degrade or interrupt electromagnetic signals such as cell phone transmissions.

Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) is an advanced, durable, and lightweight material that can be customized to provide a superior grade concealment technology and an excellent solution to this opportunity. FRP is made of high-quality fibreglass that makes a durable material which outlasts and outperforms standard metal towers and pipes. The durable material requires almost no maintenance or replacement once installed, saving both time and money down the road.

Electromagnetic Transparency

Another inherent quality of FRP is its electromagnetic transparency. FRP won’t interfere or block signals like standard metal towers and concealment solutions. Signal strength performs continuously well no matter which configuration you might need.

FRP can also be colour-customized through a bonding process during manufacturing. This allows your concealment material to blend seamlessly with other building materials and décor, without the need to repaint or retouch after installation.

FRP concealment solutions are also inexpensive, especially when compared to traditional metal towers. Most of these will require maintenance, upgrades, or repairs during their lifetime. With FRP, our customers can expect a maintenance-free solution that they never need to worry about.

All our trusted partners’ products are installed and maintained by our expert service team here at CEG. Our team is well acquainted with our products and ready to help you every step of the way, before and after installation. We are also here and ready to provide fast and efficient service should you ever need it.

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