Proud Partners with Strongwell: A Leader in Building Solutions

CEG is proud to partner with Strongwell, an established and leading name with building solutions to many construction and engineering challenges across many industries.

Patented Technologies for All Building Projects


Strongwell’s patented technology COMPOSOLITE, is a fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) building panel system that can revolutionize construction and engineering projects. The durable composition is strong enough to handle load bearing applications in new structures, bridges, and beyond.


DURASHIELD is a complete solution that addresses challenges to outdoor installations. The tongue-and-groove system is lightweight and durable thanks to fibreglass skin over a foam core. DURASHIELD is suitable as a cover for antennae, electrical equipment covers, and any other situation that calls for equipment protection from the elements. The system is easy to install and can be customized to suit any need.


DURATREAD is another complete package of molded fibreglass covers and is widely used to cover stairs, planks, and grating. The durable and slip-resistant nature of the material provides you and your employees with piece of mind while at work. A special colour-bonding process creates DURATREAD covers with a brilliant, high-visibility yellow which never requires repainting and is visible even in low light conditions. This makes it ideal for manufacturing processes and extreme environmental conditions where safety is the primary concern.

HS Armour Panels

Strongwell’s HS Armour panels were specifically designed for ballistics resistance. The panels are comprised of glass pieces and a proprietary resin mix exclusive to Strongwell. The panels have been rigorously tested and delaminate so that all the energy of an impact is absorbed and stopped almost instantly. The U.S. military has 10,000+ of HS armour panels in active service in Iraq to protect troops. Our panel systems are also protecting bank tellers, judges and juries, as well as providing panic room for private residences.


FIBREBOLT is a fantastic alternative to steel fittings and fasteners where corrosion caused by environmental conditions is a concern. While not as strong as traditional materials like steel, FIBREBOLT composition make it a very suitable option in marine environments, or where metal causes interference such as computer-testing facilities. FIBREBOLTS come in standard metric and imperial sizes, but can be customized to fit any specifications.

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